Classmate Talks #1

So, the question of the week was “Who is your favorite artist and why?”. For our first class, I had the great pleasure of talking to Justin, Daniel, Alyssa, and Lola. We talked about all of our favorite artists and tried to just figure out which artist could be one that we could all agree on as a mutual favorite. Towards the end, the artist that we all agreed to be a big favorite was Drake because his works have been able to make us all cry at least once. His music and lyrics were highly relatable to us all as we could all go into when we had our dark times or when we had fallen in love in the past. His music was able to bring our all of our inner crybabies and that was something interesting to all of us because even though we are all different people with very different backgrounds, we could all see the similarities that we had as people with cherished memories and a common love for an artist that we all shared a fondness for.



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