Fun at the Beach with Plaster!

It was a lot of fun doing the activity. When I got to the beach, I wanted to start right away. After digging a hole, I went to the water and filled up my bucket with water. I used the water just to make the sand near my space wet to help keep the sand stay consistent while I was working with it. Afterwards, I mixed the plaster with water, making sure not to add too much water to the mix. I made holes with my hands and my feet in the sand and then poured the mix into the mold. It took a long while for the mold to dry and harden because the weather was slightly colder than usual that day but, in the end, the molds came out actually quite nice. The hand mold was definitely one of my favorites because the other ones did not appeal to me quite as much. Overall, the activity was a lot of fun. It was much better than I ever expected it to be. I enjoyed it and was able to share a lot of good laughs with my friends at the beach and can’t wait until the next opportunity I get to try it again–but next time, with more perspective and super skills!


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