Wk3-Classmate Conversation-Brandon Hong

So the question of this week was what type of art had the most influence on us today. I had the pleasure of talking to was Brandon Hong. He’s a 4th year majoring in civil engineering at CSULB. During our classmate conversation, he shared that he believed that cartoons and television shows influenced his life the most. He also mentioned how he pays a lot of attention to design graphics. We also talked about anime and manga, which has many graphics and sketches included along with a good storyline. One Punch Man, a popular manga and anime, came up during the conversation.  He mentioned how is an anime now and we found out that we both have common interest in manga, which are basically Japanese comics. I also mentioned my fondness for oil painting and acrylics since I did have some experience working with those materials before in the past. My exposure to oil painting and acrylics on a nice canvas made me have a greater appreciation for people who have the skill and ability to inspire others. Meanwhile, Brandon and I appreciate cartoons mainly because we feel like their influence on us brings out a sense of childhood nostalgia whenever we see it.


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