Wk4-Art Experience-Drawing 1: Automatic Drawing

For the automatic drawing, my best friend, Jenny Wong and I got a hold of a giant sheet of white paper. Then, we had to tape the paper against a board and so we made use of a large wooden board that we found in my house. Afterwards, we taped the paper to the board and then we sat facing each other in a legs crossed fashion. We utilized some pastel sticks and did several passes on top of each other. We were giggling a lot as we let the colors move themselves and it was a lot more fun than we expected. We had snacks and brownies on the side and we all hyped up on our sugar high, which could have explained the craziness in our art piece. After we had our fun, our piece looked very interesting. It had an abstract feel to it but at the same time, it seemed very organized. There were loops and circles and it ended up becoming a giant figure of black and green. Jenny joked about how she felt the Boogie man might jump out at us with all these “boogie vibes” and we laughed a lot during this activity. Overall, we really enjoyed this activity and will probably try it again but with even more colors and maybe an even bigger piece of paper next time!


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