Wk4-Artist Conversation-May Ta

Artist: May Ta
Exhibition: Closer
Media: Acrylics, Oil Painting, Digital Media
Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Dennis W. Dutzi Gallery
Website: N/A; Coming soon
Instagram: maypta

May Ta is an international student from Vietnam and sees herself as an illustrator and visual artist. She started her project towards the end of May. Overall though, the project took up approximately two months to complete. In the beginning, Ta began as an engineering major but afterwards she changed to art and illustration because she felt that she could tell a story about her life better through that route. Constantly surrounded by science-oriented individuals, she expressed that she felt outcasted since she did not feel a strong interest in the subjects that they were interested in. When she switched her major, her family disapproved but over time, they grew to accept and become more open to her decisions.

Three of her works stood out to me the most. First, one of her works titled “The Windows” from 2016 was created with digital media and an ink jet printer. Another one of her works that stood out to me was one titled “Estranger” from 2016, made from acrylic and ink. The third was “Him and His” from 2016, which was made from digital media and ink jet printer. All the pieces had something in common, in which they all depicted a moment of loneliness.

Furthermore, Ta states that being alone is different from being in a state of loneliness.  She was attempting to explore the aspect the loneliness and isolation. In life, it is important for one to be comfortable being alone with themselves first and being able to be content with who they are. She was trying to express this through her work and be able to convey the feeling of isolation and loneliness, which is something that she believes everyone has felt at least once in their life. I think she was thinking about the moments in her life that particularly made her feel like she was lonely and she wanted to have an outlet to release those feelings, which was her art.

In my experience, loneliness is a very difficult thing to feel. Being lonely can easily hurt and feeling isolated–outcasted–can feel much worst. Not only that but being surrounded by people but still feeling alone is an even worst feeling. As such, being alone is bad but not as bad as being alone with the wrong people. When I looked at Ta’s work, I was able to reminiscence about those moments that I have had and I thought it was truly touching to my soul and memories. When alone, it’s important to explore not only who you are but truly dive into the depth of who we truly are; as a sense of isolation suggests we are meant for different paths in life and also that we should be strong enough to venture the unknown.




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