Wk5-Art Experience-Painting 1: Graffiti Writing

For this week’s art experience, I did my very first graffiti painting today and I had a wonderful blast! To begin, I used two cans of spray paint: orange and black. At first, I had a little trouble trying to figure out how to get the cans to work but eventually, I found out that their safety rings were still on. After taking them off, I was able to have some fun with the paint. I started by writing my name out in bubble outlines on large cardboard surfaces in a black color and then used my orange color to color the letters in. The paint did not seem to want to come out at times so I made compromises and did a cool zig-zag pattern for the inside coloring of the letters. My graffiti art came out actually quite nice and afterwards, I had some fun just trying to make new pieces on the little leftover spaces that I could use. So, in addition to my first and last name, I also made a flower with a spring-like stem, a smiley face with a cute ribbon on their head, and a bedazzled crown. Overall, the activity was a very fun art experience and I am really glad that I was able to not make any explode on my first try. Hopefully, with these colors, I can have more fun when Halloween hits!


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