Wk6-Art Experience-Zines & Flip Books

Recently, people had the choice to have fun with either zines or flip books. In class, I made my very first flip book. I was proud that I was able to make one on my own and I thought the process of making it was really fun. Everyone was scattered about the room trying to get their pieces done and there were lots of laughs with people trying to figure out what’s next. When I was making it, I had to use sketch book paper, string, and a hole-maker device. After having a small stack of paper ready, I made three holes on the same end with the hole-making device. It took more than ten repetitive uses to create each hole. It felt like I was stabbing the paper because it was a little difficult to make the holes in the paper. Eventually, I made all the holes and was able to use some string to keep all of the paper together. I used a needle to make that part happen and then utilized my very, very helpful pencil to help me bring a piece of my imagination to life on the paper. The needle that I was using in class was fairly large so when I was putting through the paper, there were times when it got stuck and I had to take the time to wiggle it through–many times. Anyways, to begin, the flip book started off with a flower that later grew to become a nice large tree with big flowers. I had fun showing my friends my little flip book and watching them play with the book. Overall, the activity was lots of fun and I can’t wait to do it again in the future. Perhaps, I’ll try doing a zine next time and invite some friends to join me too!


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