Wk 9-Artist Conversation-Marlene N. Garcia

Artist: Marlene N. Garcia
Exhibition: Turf
Media: Printing, Sand, Paint
Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Marilyn Werby Gallery
Website: N/A; Coming soon
Instagram: Y0ung_c4t

During this week’s artist conversation, I had the pleasure of speaking to Marlene N. Garcia. To start off, she did four years at Long Beach City, transferred from Long Beach City and shared that she has two more years until her bachelor’s degree in her major, art education. With an emphasis in print making, she worked with prints this time. This was her first time doing a gallery here on campus and she liked that she could be a part of the school artwork. She really loves the vibes that she gets from the school and the gallery settingShe focuses a lot in Printing, Painting and drawing, and Oil painting. She’s always had a passion for art and wants to be able to share her knowledge and artwork with others in the future with the same passions as her.

Now, for her piece titled “La Naturaleza,” she took about three classes to complete it. It’s based on the theme turf. We had a moment where we were humorously doing the math and figured that it was approximately nine hours. “When you do an art process like this, it takes more than one moment of inspiration,” she said. Not including in our funny calculations, the first couple of prints so she worked on were trashed because she wanted it to be made perfectly in the way she envisioned it, demonstrating a very determined sense of mind. She made the piece with the help of sandblasting, which uses machinery. It’s quite a dangerous means to do art so you have to wear protective gear when you stick your hands in the machine.  The sanding processes were something that she enjoyed working with the most. Initially done with graphite, she pretty much had done everything freelance. The piece was created to emphasize. Smelling flowers. Sensation. Memories. It’s about an essence about what speaks to you about where you’re from and about. She recently went on a trip out of town and learned more about nature from doing camping trips and would connect herself with the figure in her piece as she thought of the moments when she was younger she used to catch butterflies.

Out of all of the displays, I really liked her piece the most. When I saw the piece, I thought that it was really cool how it give off an abstract feel to it but also made me think of the simplicity of a sketch. Simple and clean, but strong with a sense of inner strength from the painting’s depicted figure. She reminded me about nature and how distant people normally live from it, forgetting the beauties of the world around us as we live in our homes within society’s ways.


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