Wk 9-Art Experience-Art Care Package

I had a lot of fun doing this art activity. It was nice because it was an opportunity to spoil someone new and make their day. I thought of who would be a good person to send this package to and I thought about it and I had the thought of giving it to an elderly person, someone who would have the time to appreciate the package. So, I gave it to my grandma. She lives far away from me so my family and I decided to pay her a visit over the weekend in Chino Hills, CA. She laughed when I presented the package to her. She said it was the happiest part of her day. The contents of the package included trinkets and cards as well as a bracelet made from Cambodian Agar Wood and several colorful pencils. There was a wind-up monkey that claps its hands together while marching. I thought it was a cute thing to show someone else.

The package was different from sending a snapchat because it was more enduring and of course, there were tangible things that were being sent. However, it is similar in the sense that a snapchat and a package both have the ability to make someone’s day. What I think of ephemera is that it is something full of items of collectible memories in tangible form, which should be full of good memories or enjoyment. It is very precious. It could be trash to someone else but it could also be a treasure in someone else’s eyes. It could gain value over time because it can develop a sense of history behind it. For instance, a stone could be overlooked by others, but hold an upstanding amount of importance to another after a certain period of time.

There’s not much difference between the art found in a museum versus the art that is seen by a few. The only difference is the display and environment. Plus, the sense of importance that people connect with a piece. The time and effort difference of an ACP from a snapchat does make a little difference because most people are overcome with laziness and so anything faster is better. Slow, in turn, becomes more endearing. When people say things like prepare a meal with love, I think quick meals, such as McDonald’s, are not made with love because they are made uniformly without much thought about who the meal is for. An ACP has much more love than in a snapchat as it takes much more time and effort in order to think about the person that it is being sent to.


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