Wk10-Art Experience-Fiber Art Social Network

Wow. Lots of fun. The art activity this week reflected how the world’s social media works in the modern day. We had a bunch of strings that symbolized different things. For example, some of the strings represented who has met who and who has had a classmate conversation with who. I thought the whole concept was very adorable. It was a little chaotic I have to admit because in the room that we completed the activity, there was basically a crazy mob of people from the class. Everyone had a lot of fun though. My friend, Henry and I had gotten lost getting to the room due to a room being different prior to doing the actual activity. After encountering the mob, we had our fun doing the activity. Unfortunately, we were basically attacking each other’s mini us, pokes and jokes. Overall, we had a lot of fun and I think the activity would be fun to do at a big party event. Hint, hint to my friends back home. We had printed photos of ourselves and glued colored circles for the backings of it. Later, we stapled or taped it on the wall and made the string connections for the social network in front of us. I loved the liveliness of the room and I think it really brought people together because of not only the fun, but also making the connections of just what a small world it is as we discover the social networks we have unexpectedly made on our own.


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