Wk11-Classmate Conversation-Arvan Arguelles

Recently, I had the pleasure of speaking to Arvan this week for the classmate conversation. It was really great. Arvan and I apparently had the same class last semester and we both thought that that was cool. We made a lot of jokes with each other and then began discussing the topic of Demi. We both thought that instead of provocations drama with her fans and the artist, she should have just expressed appreciation for the piece and moved on. This is because the person who created it drew with their heart and with an glorified vision of Demi. They probably worked really hard on the piece and to be encountered with criticism must have been discouraging to the young artist who made the piece. They most likely never had any intention regarding body image and just wanted to have a fun project to work on. Demi’s reaction was a bit uncalled for even though she has been through problems with her body image in the past since she disregarded the efforts of the young fan and simply complained about the work and meaning of it. Arvan even expressed that “if you don’t have anything good to say it, don’t say it.” Sometimes, turning a blind eye does more good.



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