Wk15-Art Experience-Finger Painting

In terms of experience, it was a lot of fun doing the activity. It was definitely a lot easier than I thought it was but also definitely way more fun than I had thought it was going to be. I got out a bunch of old paint that I had lying around and put them to use. I used three of them–all my favorite colors when I’m feeling silly. I had a friend of mine finger paint with me and we had a lot of fun with it. Unfortunately, we didn’t have gloves but we were fine with using our hands–all natural–for this activity. Made a mess and had a lot of fun. The finger painting we did was really freelance and I think paintings are better that way because it takes stress out of the equation. When people are worrying about making a painting look perfect, they tend to take the fun out of the whole thing. When we did the graffiti art, I felt that it was necessary to be stressed over the details but it took the fun out of the majority of the project. But that was mainly because I did not have a lot of experience with graffiti paint. Loved both of them regardless. Overall, the activity was a lot of fun. It was much better than I ever expected it to be. I enjoyed it and was able to share a lot of good laughs with my friends and can’t wait until the next opportunity I get to try it again–but next time, with more perspective and super skills!


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